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[Customer Support] I sent in a question to Customer Support, how long will it take to receive a response?
- We do our best to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as we can. But due to a large number of emails the expected wait time for a response is 1-2 business days. Our office is open on Monday-Friday, 9AM to 6PM. We are closed on Weekends and Major Federal Holidays. All emails submitted outside of our office hours can be expected to be replied to the following 1-2 business days.
[Customer Support] I'm being asked to verify my Shipping and billing address, what do I do?
- Orders placed on hold or stating the need for verification is most likely due to the difference in billing and shipping address. Due to recent increase credit card fraud cases confirmation is sometimes necessary in order to protect our customer’s vital information.

For Domestic Customers: Someone should have contacted you to verify over the phone your Billing and Shipping address, if you have not received this phone call, please contact us at

For International Customers: If you would like us to process this order, please send us an email to with a photo confirmation of the last four digits of the credit card being charged along with the ID showing the card holder’s name.
[Customer Support] I keep getting an error message when trying to complete my order, what should I do?
- Most error messages occur when we are unable to process your order due to a credit card transaction error.

Please check the following before you place your order again:

  1. Your billing address (Please confirm this with your credit card company)
  2. CVC code (This is the 3 digit number on the back of your credit card.)
  3. Account holder's name
*For our international customers only* : Please check with your credit card company and confirm that international transaction is allowed. If the problem continues, you may try using our PayPal Secured Payment Method as well.
[Product Inquiry] My kickstand no longer stays closed, can I receive a replacement?
- We do offer a replacement kickstand for a shipping fee of $3.50. If you would like to receive a replacement kickstand please make sure to email us at with the order ID number (whether from Amazon or from our website) and a brief statement saying you would like to receive a replacement kickstand
[Returns & Exchanges] How do I return my package? Do I need to include anything?
- As long as you purchased from our website directly, you can return the items back to us directly at the address below:

Fullerton CA

Products can be returned to our office within 30 days of purchased date. Products must be returned in the original packaging with all the items included (i.e. if it came with a screen protector the screen protector should be included) to avoid any restocking fee (minimum of $5).

Please keep a tracking number for your returned item so you have evidence that the product was returned to us. Once the item has been shipped back to us email our Customer Support at to request for a refund.

If you purchased from Amazon please contact us via the Amazon Return Program so we can better assist you
[Returns & Exchanges] I ordered the wrong item for my device. Can I exchange the item for something else?
- Our exchange process works just like our return process. You can return the item to us with all its contents and we will refund you. You can place a new order for the item you wanted at any time. We do not send out the item. It must be placed as a new order. This ensures that the item will be eligible for warranty in the future.
[Returns & Exchanges] How will I know my items were delivered back to you?
- We recommend you to add a tracking number or delivery confirmation options with your shipment to ensure that we received your returning item(s).
[Shipping - Domestic] Why hasn't my package arrived yet?
- Although the United States Postal Service and DHL show you the estimated delivery time for the shipping method you chose, we recommend our domestic customers to expect up to 7-business days in case of delays by USPS and DHL. In any case, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at .
[Shipping - Domestic] Why hasn't my package arrived yet?
- Although the United States Postal Service and DHL show you the estimated delivery time for the shipping method you chose, we recommend our domestic customers to expect up to 7-business days in case of delays by USPS and DHL. In any case, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at .
[Shipping - Domestic] What shipping methods do you offer?
- Our major carriers are USPS and DHL. Please refer to our Shipping and Delivery information for more details on shipping methods.
[Shipping - Domestic] Do you ship over the weekend?
- We do not ship over the weekend or holidays. Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be shipped out on the following 1 to 2 business days. Our Office Hours are: Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM. We are closed on Major Federal holidays.
[Shipping - International] How much does shipping cost?
- Shipping costs differ by the carrier, method, and weight of the package. To find an estimate of the costs:
  1. Enter the desired items into your cart.
  2. Click on “My Cart” on the tabs located at the upper right of the site.
  3. Enter your basic shipping information to receive your quote and estimated total.
[Social Media] Are your online events open internationally?
- Most of our contests and giveaways will be open to our international fans unless specified otherwise. However, please note that while international packages will be marked as a “gift,” all packages will be subject to the customs process. This means that if for some reason a customs fee is placed on your package, OBLIQ is not responsible.
[Social Media] What is the best way to stay updated about your new products?
- Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for continual product updates and news.
[Social Media] What is Obliq’s Terms and Conditions for online events held on Obliq’s social media outlet?
- All giveaways and contests are done to give something back to our fans.

While they are done out of the goodness of our hearts, we do exercise our right to change the rules, duration, number of winners, and any other details for the giveaway or contest.

Our goal is to be as objective and fair in our selection of the winners, but it is still our right to select the winners. Any cursing or negative comments will void eligibility to participate in online events. Don’t worry. There will be more events in future. You will win one day. When we post the winners, we give 48 hours to respond to the announcement. It is the winner’s responsibility to confirm with us within that time period. We will not search for you on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you send us to participate in the contest, such as your name, photos, and email addresses will be used by OBLIQ.

We will not distribute your personal information to the public. In the case of photo contests, we may be posting your name and photos on our various social media outlets as well as our blog.
[OBLIQ GEEK Reviewer Program] Why did I not get accepted into the reviewer program?
- Although we wish we could accept everyone into our reviewer program, there is a limited supply of free cases available and not all cases are up to be reviewed at once.

If you were not accepted into our reviewer program it could be due to one of the following reasons:
  1. Your Amazon profile link that was not submitted was not visible to us: Make sure the link for your Amazon profile is functional and we are able to see your past reviews that were left on Amazon
  2. You have not left any/enough recent or relevant reviews on Amazon We highly value customer feedback. Therefore if it does not seem like we will receive an honest review for our product after you’ve received our case we are less likely to approve you for our reviewer program
[Warranty] How do I claim a warranty replacement?
- Requirements for Warranty:

  • Clear photo verification of the defected item/ area
  • Full customer name and order ID # listed at the time of purchase
  • Correct Shipping Address

After the product has been approved through our defect review system, it is required that the item be returned back to our OBLIQ warehouse with the provided pre-paid return postage (US only)

Items must be requested to be warrantied within 1-Year of the purchase date to be considered for a defect review; otherwise it will not be eligible for any warranties
[Warranty] How long does a warranty replacement process take?
- While we will do our best to ensure the best service we can provide to our customers, the warranty process may take up to 6 -8 weeks after verification. Some replacement items are ordered from our manufacturer and may take some time to receive.

OBLIQ only offers warranty replacements. For refunds on defective items, all the items will need to be returned to us. Please refer to the Return Policy for more information.

In certain situations, we may ask the customer to return the product to our facility for a review if the photo verification is deemed inadequate.
[Warranty] What is OBLIQ’s warranty policy?
- We offer a Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects.

This policy is only valid items that were damaged during production of shipping process.

Defection caused by any other accident, including failure of installation, carelessness by the user, or defection caused by owner's usage cannot be applied for this warranty.

Products that come as a package will only have the defected item replaced as a onetime deal (i.e. you cannot apply for a product replacement for the other item within the same package later on).

If the customer had purchased from a different seller, please contact them for their own policies. If there is a similar defect with the replacement for any reasons, send back both the original and replacement pieces at that time.

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