Obliq at a Glance

Company : Mobile Life Group, Inc.
Our company began with humble beginnings like most startups - out of a cramped garage in Southern California in 1999. OBLIQ, the brand, now receives recognition as a premium designer of mobile accessories. Our rapid growth is due to our commitment to customers and the thoughtful integrity of our products. Today, we provide an ever-expanding product line coupled with a growing worldwide reputation.

OBLIQ Premium Mobile Accessory Manufacturer

OBLIQ Korea : obliq.co.kr

Our Philosophy

No matter how far we go, we will never forget who we are.
Our simple, functional, yet sleek products highlight the original design of the device while protecting what’s important to you.
At Obliq, we get back to the basics – providing valuable peace of mind, in style.

Premium Quality

We offer premium trendy cases
made only from high-quality materials.

Technical Innovation

Detailed design and organizational
process makes us unique.

On-time Delivery

We promise fast delivery
because we value your time.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.
Any feedback is always welcome.

Our Identity

We have combined the meanings of OBLIQUE + UNIQUE to create our own brand - OBLIQ.
We have taken these ideals "to stray away from the common path" and have designed innovative and unique products you can identify with.

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