• Everything You Want To Know About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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    What is it? 

    A tempered glass screen protector is multi-layered with a bottom absorbent silicon, PET film, clear adhesive tempered glass, and oleophobic coating. Oleophobic meaning oil resistant. Tempered glass is up to 5 to 10 times tougher than normal glass for extra protection. 


    Why use a glass screen protector? 

    Honestly, do you really need one? We say yes. If you've spent hundreds of dollars on buying or upgrading to a brand new phone with an awesome display, would you really want to ruin it with scratches, dullness, or cracks? Every time you drop your phone, you risk cracking the screen. Sounds scary right? Because it's true.

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  • Fun Fact Friday

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    The first handheld phone weighed 2.4 pounds and was 9x5x1.75 inches in size. The phone only had 20 minutes of battery life when in use and took 10 hours to fully charge! 


    Just to put that into perspective, the iPhone 6 weighs 0.28 pounds and is 5.44x2.64x0.27 inches in size. It has 14 hours of battery life in heavy usage and only takes 2 hours to fully charge. 

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  • First Look at the new Galaxy Note

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    The Galaxy Note 7 is set to release tomorrow, August 19th, retailing for $850 (price varies by carrier). The device is already being hailed as the best Android of all time, some even saying it will be the best phone on the market. So what makes it so great?


    Notable Features:

    • Corning's Gorilla Glass glass panels for added protection
    • Newly improved S Pen that allows users to create GIFs, translate, and use other cool tools (like a magnifier!)
    • Water and dust resistant
    • Secure Folder for added secrecy for your private files
    • Spectacular pictures and videos due to the 12-megapixel Dual Pixel camera
    • Unrivaled display with its quad HD Super AMOLED display
    • Iris scanner unlocking option, curved glass display, and more! 

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  • Our New Website

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    That's right, we've launched our new website!
    We are also happy to announce that it is mobile responsive. Which means... you'll be able to browse and shop right from your phone, effortlessly! We strive to provide our customers a seamless shopping experience so you can make the right decision on protecting one of your most valuable possessions, your phone.

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