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While we've seen phones with 6GB and even 8GB RAM, the expensive 512 GB flash memory chips that Samsung announced back in December have only appeared in the Huawei Mate RS so far, and we don't even know if the 512GB version of it isn't vaporware, as everyone is selling the 256-gigger only. 

Enter the Galaxy Note 9, which might very well be the first terabyte phone, as Samsung's leaked promo video of it insinuates, when you add the internal storage of its now-certain 512GB model, and a microSD card of the same capacity. Granted, the Mate RS was the first phone officially announced with a 512GB version, but it seems to be a unicorn for now, plus its microSD slot is listed supporting up to 256GB cards only, though theoretically, it should support any capacity thrown at it, too.
There is nothing theoretical about the Note 9's ability to do so, as you can see in the header image here. This amount of internal storage is most than a lot of thin and light laptops that ship with SSDs are able to muster, and you'd be hard-pressed to ask for more in a phone. What's even better, however, is that the price of the 512GB version of the Note 9 won't be exorbitantly higher than the basic 128GB model. Say what you will about the leaked $1200 pricing, but the Mate RS is north of two grand, and we all know how much half a terabyte Samsung SSD costs. 
The best thing about the 512GB model of the Note 9 is that it might not be as exclusive as we first heard. Apart from its home turf of Korea, where it was listed with the equivalent of a $1210 price, the 512-gigger will be sold in Russia, too, for the equivalent of $1400, but things there cost a lot anyway, while in Indonesia it's listed for the same $1209 as in Korea.
Will the 512GB Note 9 make it to this side of the pond? Hopefully, given that 4K 60fps video will be making a cameo, though the prices cited here are all for countries that get the Exynos version of Samsung's flagships for some reason.





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