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GOOGLE is about to unveil a string of new products and its new smartphone range promises to be its best yet.

In the past few years, the search engine giant has moved into the hardware space with gusto in an attempt to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon with gadgets including smartphones and home speakers.

Last month Apple held its annual flagship product launch, unveiling three new iPhones and a couple weeks later Amazon followed suit by demonstrating a slew of new Alexa-powered devices including a microwave and a clock.

This week it's Google's turn.

So far there's been plenty of leaks about the event which is set to take place early Wednesday morning AEST. Here's what to expect.



Google is set to unveil its third generation smartphone, bringing out two versions of its Pixel 3 device. The main difference between the two phones is size.

The Pixel 3 is expected to go from a traditional, squared-off 16:9 screen to a more modern 18:9 screen with thinner bezels and rounded corners.

The larger version will - like most other new smartphones released this year - follow Apple and other manufacturers by having a notch in order to maximise the reaches of the front display on the OLED screen.

Rumours currently point to a 5.5 inch screen for the Pixel 3 and 6.7 inch screen on the XL.


Google's smartphones are targeted at the premium end of the market and have proved pretty popular among Australian consumers despite their high price tag.

The new phones are expected to be very similar to the Pixel 2 in terms of look but will have a slightly new colour style. The phones will come in black or white and the white version could have a green power button, giving it a new look.

There are also unconfirmed rumours they might also come in a light pink and aqua colour option.

The back of the Pixel 3 phones are expected to be entirely glass, with the bottom half once again coated in a matte paint to give it that two-tone look.

The new devices should have wireless charging, making it the first time the company has included the capability in its phones.

Google smartphones have some of the best camera technology on the market and it will continue to be a drawcard for the tech giant. The Pixel 3 looks to have a smarter camera that will be able to quickly recognise what is in front of it - a useful technology for things like business card scanning and identifying products.

A second selfie camera could also give users the ability to take better, and wider, selfies.



It's highly likely the two phones will be powered by Qualcomm's new and powerful Snapdragon 845 smartphone processor. The Google Pixel 2 ran on the older Snapdragon 835 chip, but Qualcomm says its latest version is 25 per cent faster - which means the Pixel 3 could be noticeably more powerful.

We don't know about the price just yet but it's expected to be somewhere around, or likely upwards of AUD $1079.



Google's follow-up to last year's Pixelbook Chromebook is rumoured to be a Chrome OS tablet. It will reportedly be called Pixel Slate and can double as a lightweight and easily portable laptop.

Last week, pictures leaked of what the device and stylus might look like.


In the growing smart speaker market, it's now all about including a display. That's what the tech giant will be doing with its Google Home Hub which is the company's answer to Amazon's Echo Show.

The big questions is whether it will have a built in webcam to supports video calls.


The tech giant is set to show off its latest Chromecast product but rumours suggest there won't be any major technology upgrades and won't support 4K viewing.

Google could also show off new versions of its wireless earbuds. The first generation hasn't been a huge success but includes some interesting features like real time language translation.




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