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On October 4th, Google announced their Pixel and Pixel XL phones. 

google pixel phones

What sets the new phone apart from all the others is the fact that it's the first phone that Google itself has created from its software to hardware and it comes with Google Assistant built in. For the pricey $649 price tag, you get unlimited picture/video storage with Google Photos, "the highest rated camera ever" with video stabilization, and it comes pre-installed with Google Duo, a video calling app. 

What's Google Assistant? 

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant just like Siri for Apple or Cortana for Microsoft. Designed to be conversational, Google Assistant will keep track of the conversation, track context, and respond with relevant information. Trigger it with a hot word and it'll instantly track what you're saying and reply back to start the conversation. You can ask it to do anything and Google Assistant will research, reserve, and manage it all. You can already use Google Assistant on the Google Allo app. Google Allo is available in app stores on pretty much all smartphones. Download Allo for yourself to get a glimpse of what the Pixel has to offer! 


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