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Hello Obliq Geeks!

Have you ever had your phone taken away? Maybe at school, work, or even at home!  Many, at least for myself, fall into this deep sensation of loss and anxiety when the access to their phone is restricted.  It’s especially more concerning if you are actually expecting someone-or something-to notify you.  This is more prevalent for those that are attached to the phone for social aspect.

The rise of smartphone opened a new era of social continuum.  Growing up with flip phone meant that sending photos to a friend would cost extra charge(unless you had fully unlimited text plan)  I couldn’t ask for an address in the middle of my way because mapquest was only accessible to my computer.  I had to call and get a direction like this:

“Take a left, then go straight, make a right at the stop sign, then U-turn, my house is on your right.”

I didn’t wait for a text reply because I had no idea if they had read it or not.  But now, I am able to get my direction almost immediately while sending a photo of my out of the day and great dinner I am about to delightfully devour.  It provides feeling of security & protection that I am able to talk instantaneously if needed.

Every text, Snapchat, Instagram likes, and Facebook likes send us an instant gratification of feeling connected to the world.  Which in comparison to drugs, very similar in terms of providing an instant dose of happiness.  It becomes an addiction.  And addiction brings withdrawal.  Result? Check out below infographic!


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