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Happy Lunar New Year!


Or for those that are more familiar with the term, Happy Chinese New Year!


Did you know that there are more smartphone owners than those that own a toothbrush?  It’s crazy!  Just simply, a quick search on cheap smartphone shows $19.99 Moto E Android Prepaid Phone.  If you go to a convenience store, a cheap toothbrush can cost you about $3.

With so much smartphones around, we are entering an era of epidemic caused by Smartphone usage.  Have you heard of the term Nomophobia?  Yeah. Me either.  I have never heard of such term until searching for contents to write.  However, Merriam-Webster defines nomophobia as: “fear of being without access to a working cell phone.”

We interact, send, and receive information at an insta

ntaneous speed with smartphones.  As written in previous article, you are connected to the world via social media on your smartphone.  Statista shows that about 70% of the respondents with smartphones expressed positive emotions towards smartphones.  In 2016, about 80% of the mobile users were smartphone owners.  Simply put, about 56% of the mobile users(not even taking account of regular mobile users) feels positive about existence and importance of the smartphone!

In my opinion, even nomophobia is just a term for withdrawal symptoms of mobile usage.  About 44% of smartphone owners “sleep with their phone next to the bed so they don’t miss a call, text or other update.”  Furthermore, many of us wake up with alarm on the smartphone, and many use social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram at the wake in the morning.  Maybe it’s not a bad thing, since smartphone is replacing much of other daily necessities.  However, it is concerning that we are more afraid of not having a smartphone rather than a mere toothbrush. Who knows? Maybe we are entering a new era named “Generation Nomophobia.”

Check out below infographic:


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