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What is it? 

A tempered glass screen protector is multi-layered with a bottom absorbent silicon, PET film, clear adhesive tempered glass, and oleophobic coating. Oleophobic meaning oil resistant. Tempered glass is up to 5 to 10 times tougher than normal glass for extra protection. 


Why use a glass screen protector? 

Honestly, do you really need one? We say yes. If you've spent hundreds of dollars on buying or upgrading to a brand new phone with an awesome display, would you really want to ruin it with scratches, dullness, or cracks? Every time you drop your phone, you risk cracking the screen. Sounds scary right? Because it's true.

With a tempered glass screen protector, it absorbs some of the shock from a fall, thus protecting your device display/screen. In some cases, with severe drops, the screen protector will shatter but leave your display intact. Not only that, when you have your phone in your pocket or purse with your keys, coins, or other sharp objects, the tempered glass screen protector will resist scratches and obviously keep your device display from having contact with these. 

Also for those who have phones that are out of contract, spending $20-$30 to keep the resell value is important too allowing you maximize resale value. 


How do you install a tempered glass screen protector?

1) Clean the screen extremely well. 

2) With the film still on, place the screen protector on the phone to see how it will line up.

3) Carefully, hold the edges of the screen protector to avoid fingerprints and remove the protective film off. Sticky side facing down towards the screen!

4) Carefully line up the cutouts to your phone's home button, camera, etc.

5) Gently place the screen protector on the phone and allow it to settle naturally! Avoid pushing on it or forcing it to adhere! 

6) After it settles, push down gently on the edges to ensure complete adhesion. That's it! 

Watch this VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIO8mzHr8LU for more help!


Where can I buy one?!

Good question! We make excellent quality tempered glass screen protectors. All our products are manufactured in South Korea for the highest quality possible. You can of course buy one for $2 that's probably made in China, but the price difference matters because of the quality of materials or additional layers of glass for protection. Keep in mind, you'll definitely be getting the protection you pay for. 

Also, you're in luck because most of our tempered glass screen protectors are on clearance sale right now! 




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    Over the past few years, Screenshield have been able to assist us with several large orders of screen protectors cut to the specific size we required. Having equipment to custom cut locally means they have always been able to fulfill orders quickly, with competitive rates.


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    amazing info. it helped me a lot. after reading this I purchased a tempered glass from http://powerzz.in/tampered-glass.html.

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    Tempered Glass are normally known as safety glass. When it breaks, it breaks in pieces about the size of your fingernail. If you’ve ever seen car glass when it breaks, that is tempered glass.

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