• Obliq Ranked 4th Best Kickstand Phone Case!

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    Obliq is excited, proud and honored to have been featured in Ezvid’s Wiki 10 Best Kickstand Phone Cases in February 2017!


    Our Skyline Advance is designed to protect your device and allow you to go hands free. The metal kickstand is at a perfect angle that allows optimal viewing. The kickstand is held closed when not in use by a magnet to prevent it from suddenly opening. This amazing case is a Hybrid Triple Fusion design made with PC, TPU and metal.


    It also offers extra protection with a four rear guard design and extra side grip to avoid those accidental slips! Skyline Advance is convenient, pocket friendly, slim and durable all while offering a perfect fit and stylish look! The Skyline Advance is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, and Galaxy S6 with the color of your choice: Space Gray, Rose Gold, Mint and Gun Metal.


    Check out Ezvid’s Wiki Review on our case. They also have a video!

    Source: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-kickstand-phone-cases


    Thank you Ezvid’s Wiki!

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  • Fun Fact Friday : Nomophobia

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    Happy Lunar New Year!


    Or for those that are more familiar with the term, Happy Chinese New Year!


    Did you know that there are more smartphone owners than those that own a toothbrush?  It’s crazy!  Just simply, a quick search on cheap smartphone shows $19.99 Moto E Android Prepaid Phone.  If you go to a convenience store, a cheap toothbrush can cost you about $3.

    With so much smartphones around, we are entering an era of epidemic caused by Smartphone usage.  Have you heard of the term Nomophobia?  Yeah. Me either.  I have never heard of such term until searching for contents to write.  However, Merriam-Webster defines nomophobia as: “fear of being without access to a working cell phone.”

    We interact, send, and receive information at an insta

    ntaneous speed with smartphones.  As written in previous article, you are connected to the world via social media on your smartphone.  Statista shows that about 70% of the respondents with smartphones expressed positive emotions towards smartphones.  In 2016, about 80% of the mobile users were smartphone owners.  Simply put, about 56% of the mobile users(not even taking account of regular mobile users) feels positive about existence and importance of the smartphone!

    In my opinion, even nomophobia is just a term for withdrawal symptoms of mobile usage.  About 44% of smartphone owners “sleep with their phone next to the bed so they don’t miss a call, text or other update.”  Furthermore, many of us wake up with alarm on the smartphone, and many use social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram at the wake in the morning.  Maybe it’s not a bad thing, since smartphone is replacing much of other daily necessities.  However, it is concerning that we are more afraid of not having a smartphone rather than a mere toothbrush. Who knows? Maybe we are entering a new era named “Generation Nomophobia.”

    Check out below infographic:

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  • Fun Fact Friday : Smart Addiction

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    Hello Obliq Geeks!

    Have you ever had your phone taken away? Maybe at school, work, or even at home!  Many, at least for myself, fall into this deep sensation of loss and anxiety when the access to their phone is restricted.  It’s especially more concerning if you are actually expecting someone-or something-to notify you.  This is more prevalent for those that are attached to the phone for social aspect.

    The rise of smartphone opened a new era of social continuum.  Growing up with flip phone meant that sending photos to a friend would cost extra charge(unless you had fully unlimited text plan)  I couldn’t ask for an address in the middle of my way because mapquest was only accessible to my computer.  I had to call and get a direction like this:

    “Take a left, then go straight, make a right at the stop sign, then U-turn, my house is on your right.”

    I didn’t wait for a text reply because I had no idea if they had read it or not.  But now, I am able to get my direction almost immediately while sending a photo of my out of the day and great dinner I am about to delightfully devour.  It provides feeling of security & protection that I am able to talk instantaneously if needed.

    Every text, Snapchat, Instagram likes, and Facebook likes send us an instant gratification of feeling connected to the world.  Which in comparison to drugs, very similar in terms of providing an instant dose of happiness.  It becomes an addiction.  And addiction brings withdrawal.  Result? Check out below infographic!

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  • Fun Fact Friday : Jobs, the Apple's Seed

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    Are you guys done with Finals!?

    To commemorate the end of 2016 and success of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, let's have a peek at the life of the man who planted seed for what Apple became today.

    Source: www.visualistan.com


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  • Fun Fact Friday : #SELFIE

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    Do you ever take selfies of yourself?  Do you think it’s too “childish” thing to take selfie & send?  Well, it all started with a man named Robert Cornelius, who was born around when our great-great-gre-.. wait, when our ANCESTORS were born!(yes it’s been that long)

    Based on Wikipedia, selfie has quite a long history itself.

    Check out this infographic:


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